Life Spice Attitude

Unleash Your Inner Three-Year Old

When it comes to realising a dream, it all starts in the mind. Living up to your own big vision is difficult if you haven’t really set your heart and mind to actually living the dream, rather than just fantasising about it. Your heart will speak truth, but your mind can play tricks on you.


To use the trickster that is your mind to your advantage to create that working life of your soul’s desire, adopt a Life-Spice mindset.

A Life Spice mindset is a juicy attitude and a first step on your unique and fabulous path. Bruce Lee said as you think so shall you become.

If it made Bruce Lee great, we could do worse following his advice.

An Unconventional Approach

Feel free, feel like you’re three. Make life about wonder again and knowing that you can have a piece of that lush pie and eat it too! You might not remember this, but there was a time when life was all about play and the assumption, that you will have what you want.

At the age of three your human experience was all about wonderment and discovery and if there was something you wanted, mummy or daddy, or whoever raised you, was sure to give it to you. Whether it was ice cream, that must-have toy or wanting to wear a rather avant-garde colour and print combination to nursery, more often than not, you made shit happen and didn’t mind throwing in a tantrum or two.

You might not always have gotten what you wanted, but the assumption was, that your wishes would be fulfilled. Why? Because you were three years old, cute as a button, annoying shit and you had no idea yet about grown- up life, which as indoctrinated many to complying and denying the desires of your heart.

Assume and Play


Now you know all about grown-up life, or if you are a bit younger, you are slowly pushed into it, you probably lost that ‘the-world-is-my-oyster-damn-it!’-zest for life and have been conditioned to stop playing, and not to get your hopes up too much. Sure, life can be full of disappointments and you’re bound to get disappointed in life.

That doesn’t mean you should continuously entertain the not-worthy-not-good-enough-too-difficult-too-much-hassle negative self-talk. It’s all bollocks. You are as worthy as you think you are and as good as you want to be and being frustrated in your working life is far more tiring than pursuing a working life that actually works for you.

For most three-year-olds, life is about eating, sleeping and playing. The world of most grown-ups still includes eating and sleeping, yet playing has become a different concept. For most grown-ups play is that little time that is left after the work to make money and other must-do chores have been done. And that playtime can be rather uninspiring and/ or has a great sense of escapism. The general assumption is that as a grown up, you should be ‘serious’ and that means not-playing.

In the first years of our lives playing is what we did most of the time. Play was adventure, play was discovery and play was fun. As grown-up we are expected to take life and all its responsibilities and especially ourselves dead serious, but taking life too seriously has helped no one. By all means, take your responsibilities, yet rediscover the play element in life and that living is all about wonderment.

Not only can you have more fun, just like when you were three, you’re likely to think more creatively. You generate ideas and find creative solutions to challenges more easily. Be serious about your work, yet have a playful approach. Focus on the play element, the process and the experience.

Let your inner three-year-old reign free. Rediscover the world of play and adventure; believe that the world is a playground where you can create and enjoy; alone and with playmates.


Find out how you can let your inner-three year old reign free in practice and not be found childish or get arrested and about the other aspects of Life-Spice attitude in the free email course Spice-a-tude.

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