Practice What You Preach

Perhaps you are a parent, or a teacher or a coach and you tell your child, pupil, student or client to do something specific, or not, but you are not really doing it yourself. It’s a clear question of do as I say, not as I do and you are sure ain’t practicing what your preaching.

One of the main pillars of my life and my teachings, if I may call them that, is to be adventurous and explorative. As Life-Spice is for adventurous souls, changes are pretty high you are the exploitive type, or at least aim to be. Although we might be more adventurous than the average type, we can complacent and “I’m-pretty-adventurous” can become ‘just a label’ rather than something we truly live and breath and keep working at.

I have been leading a travelling lifestyle off and on for several years and visit new and familiar places. Sometimes I don’t get to see a lot of place, because I am wrapped up with work or just a bit lazy.

When I was in Panama I spent two and a half weeks at a lovely beach a six hour drive from Panama City. I was so ‘busy’ surfing, working and enjoying quality eye candy, that I didn’t even bother to explore the relatively small stretch of beach, which would have been such an easy and fun thing to do.

Although I have the tendency to get bored easily and routine can make me prone to tantrums, I like familiarity too. As much as I like to travel, visit new places and meet new people, I am also a creature of habit. It ain’t broke, why fix it or just change it? So, although I am seen as rather adventurous by the people who know me, I don’t always live up to this ‘label’.


Now, by no means is this about ‘living up’ to how the outside world might see you. It’s about living up to what is truly in your heart and this is an ongoing process. You might find it scary to live up to what is in your heart, you find yourself too busy or you find it too heart.

If life is about becoming your best self and have little to know regrets when we are about to leave our current human experience, then we owe it too our best selves to live up to what is in the seat of the soul.

You can start by asking yourself: Have I failed to own up to something that is truly in my heart. Why did I do so? What are or have been the consequences of this and what can I learn from it?

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